Bi Weekly I am Most proud of

In the numerous bi-weekly assignments that I have completed throughout this course, I would have to say that the ones I am most proud of are a tie between Creative Portraits and the Final Bi-weekly. I am very proud of my creative portraits because I used some models that I wouldn't normally use and I traveled farther out of Yarmouth area and also traveled outside my comfort zone of landscape and lifestyle photography.  I also had a huge blast with this assignment because I decided to use my passion for art in painting and combine it with my passion for photography. 

       The second bi-weekly I am also very proud of was the final bi-weekly which had the theme of free-choice. The theme I chose was "Good vibes and Sunshine" I am proud of this bi-weekly because the weather was warmer which made it so much easier to photograph outside and also you nature around me to create a better composition. The photos from this bi-weekly are very warm toned and very bright and …

Most Memorable Experience

Photo 3 most definitely had some very memorable experiences but not all of them were learning experiences. But I would have to say that the New York City trip had a bunch of learning experiences that enhanced my photography. Choosing to bring my film camera to New York was one of the best choices I could've made. This is because I got to learn how to really get the hang of using film and my final prints will reflect this. By bringing the film camera with me I learned how to quickly change the setting on it to work best in the fast changing light of the city. I also learned quite quickly not to stop dead in walking traffic just to take a photo because I will get pushed around. In the end, I had a blast and will have many memories that will last a lifetime. #photopause

Final Bi-Weekly: Free Choice - Good Vibes and Sunshine

Good Vibes and Sunshine As the days get longer, The nights warmer, Pants get shorter, Boots turn into sandals, Skin gets darker, Hair gets lighter, Emotions become happier, We become more relaxed
Mother Nature increases the temperature, Grows the seedlings to sprout, Waters the grass to make it greener, Heats up the ocean for surfers, Paints the sky with pinks, Yellows, Purples, To create a masterpiece only found when the sun hits the hay. 
In the end, The good vibes become stronger, Laughter becomes louder, Feet get rougher, Sunshine becomes brighter.

Set 1

Set 2