New York City Trip

On Friday, March 9th, 2018 I arrived at 100 Thompson's Point Road, Portland ME, 04102 at 5:30am. I bought my ticket and waited for the rest of the group to gather. We boarded the bus and were instantly excited after a long day of waiting to see if we were still going on the original date of Thursday, March 8th. During the long bus rides to Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York, I couldn't help but daydream of all the different aspects and highlights that were about to come. For starters, I couldn't wait to use my film camera in a new city and try to get the best shot possible. Secondly, I was beyond excited to spend the weekend with some great friends. 
   Once we got there I learned quite quickly that if you make eye contact with any stranger anywhere there, they will come up and talk to you. We ended up making a game out of it because it happened so much. Throughout the first afternoon there we hit the streets with our cameras and explored as much ground as we cou…

Yarmouth Stands With Parkland [ Extra ]

On March 14th, 2018 Yarmouth High School students marched outside in the snow at 10:00 sharp with no time to waste and demonstrated how they feel about school shootings. Much of the student body bared the cold snowy weather that caused them to have a two-hour delay and joined together to make their voices heard. Students took time out their day on Monday to make posters and signs that they would later hold up high in the snow.  

Chants were lead by senior Eliza Brown and senior Anna Parker. The song Imagine by John Lennon was performed acoustically by senior Nick Prato. Concluding the demonstration before a moment of silence, senior Sage Watterson recited an original poem that left everyone speechless.  Media correspondents from WSCH6 news, WGME, Portland Press Herald covered the protest and covered the story. 

Never Again
September 25, 1789: Congress sends the Bill of Rights to state legislatures for ratification. I want to grab James Madison by the whig, force him to look at the Second Am…

Idea for The Power of Photography Project

After researching different PSAs I've fallen more passionate about ones that talk about how human development is hurting the environment and causing habitat loss. The way I plan on persuading my audience is starting off with some happy and bright videos of landscape and running water and slowly turning into deforestation and machinery.

The problem I see is that as the years go on we still continue to grow as a population and grow our impact on the environment by building more and more complexes, suburbs and extending our roads. It seems to me as if we are starting to care more and less about the environment around us. We keep cutting down trees, clearing out land for us to build on. Little do we know how this is going to affect us in the long run if we don't slow down our rate.

Back in the 17th century we when first came over to North America in order to flee Great Britians power, the land around us was full of lush forests. But fast forward to 2018 where the population increa…

BiWeekly Adventure

Adventure She was lost at sea drowning in society  trying to fit in Blending into what they want to her to be her adventure was finding herself  from being lost inside herself 

Bi Weekly: Lifestyle

There are many different lifestyles out there. There's the busy,  There's the quiet,  There's the artist.  Each one has a different personality to them.  There's the 9 to 5,  There's the incense burning zen,  There's the creative.  Each one has many different stories to them. There's the supporting a family,  There's the recovering,  There's high school dropout,  There's struggle to pay rent,  There's the last hope,  There's trying to make a living.  No matter what everyone's lifestyle is unique and true to only them. 

Bi Weekly - Patterns

Every night they would write letters back and forth to each other  each one becoming sadder and sadder,  she was getting sick, and he was at war,  they concluded each letter with I love you  not knowing if that would be the last time they heard from each other.  In her final days, she wrote him her last letter,  she knew she would never see him again  so she gave him this message,  look for circles all clumped together,  and know that's my way of being there with you,  even if I'm not by your side. He carried this letter around with him  and started to find more and more  clumps.

Goals for the Semester

The reason I am taking this class is so by the end of the semester I will have a professional looking portfolio to take to college with me. I am also taking this class to gain more knowledge about how to print big in the darkroom and be able to dodge and burn my photographs. Photo 3 is the final photo class offered here at Yarmouth High School and I have been looking forward to taking this class since freshmen year.
         Looking back at what I have learned from last year and what I want to learn about this year I can see that I want to learn more about how to manipulate a film camera and be able to use it more often in day to day life. I carry my DSLR Nikon D5200 around with me just about every day for my yearbook class so I hope to gain some more knowledge that I can apply to taking photos for the yearbook. I am also very excited to be back with my favorite teacher on the planet.